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MECC Consulting Group is a premier pro-bono student consulting organization at the University of Michigan. Our organization provides highly analytical, data driven, and business‐minded students the opportunity to engage in hands on projects with local companies. With over 50 members in diverse engineering and business fields, MECC is dedicated to adding impact at local clients through semester-long projects, exposing members to prospective employers through networking events, and growing our members through professional development sessions.

"Our group strives to solve real business problems while adding impact to every client we partner with. We truly believe that both parties benefit greatly from every interaction. We take pride in our work."

If you are interested in learning more about MECC and our services, please explore our website and feel free to contact us.

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MECC Project Experience


Each team consists of 3-4 engineering consultants dedicated to solving business problems under the supervision of a project manager.


MECC members are held to a confidentiality agreement upon admittance and are honored to keep project specifics internal.


Our teams complete pro-bono projects over the course of a semester, sometimes multiple, to ensure client demands and needs are met.


Teams continuously assess the results of improvement models & strategies.


Projects are heavily supported. Daily discussions, weekly goals, and monthly reports are met to ensure client satisfaction.


MECC’s services are free of charge. Our members are rewarded through the experience of real world consulting with our clients.

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